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Attendance FAQs

Attendance & Missed work

How do I notify the school of my child’s absence? See handbook for school policy.

How do I obtain my child’s missing work if s/he is ill?

If your child is out of school for an extended period of 3 or more days due to illness, you may email your student’s teachers to request available assignments or call the counseling secretary at 248-344-3810 to have available assignments collected and placed in the counseling lobby by teachers. Please allow 24 hours before you pick up the missing assignments in the counseling lobby during school day hours.

What should I do if I know my child needs to miss school in the future?

When it is necessary to miss school for more than a day because of family business, students must submit a pre-arranged Absence Form to their teachers a minimum of three (3) days prior to the absence. The forms are available in the attendance office.

Pre-arranged absence forms are available in the office for those students who know in advance that they are going to be absent. After the absence form has been signed by the parent and each teacher, it must be presented to the Attendance Office. The teacher has the option of requiring the student to make-up work either before the pre-arranged absence or upon returning. Teachers are to report the student absent on the day that the student is not in class and record it as an absence in their grade book.

What should my child do upon returning to school from an absence?

After returning to school from an absence, students must make contact with teachers by the end of the B day following the absence. At this time the student and teacher will agree upon how make up work will be completed. Students are responsible for making-up all assignments. However many days your child was absent will be the amount of time s/he has to complete missing work.