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Teams and Coaches


Cheerleading | Bailey Barnes  [email protected]
*Competitive Dance I Sarah Benish  [email protected]
Cross Country - BOYS | Tim Dalton  [email protected] 
Cross Country - GIRLS | Colin Riley [email protected]
*Equestrian I Emma Buck  [email protected]
*Field Hockey - GIRLS  | Kayley Dahring [email protected]
Football |  Brent Luplow [email protected]
Golf - GIRLS | Kate Schultz [email protected]
*Mountain Biking I Paul Heirtzler [email protected]
Pompon | TBD
*Rowing I Nick Bickes   [email protected]
Soccer - BOYS | Henry Klimes   [email protected]
Swimming - GIRLS | Brian McNeff  [email protected]
Diving - GIRLS |  Molly Parks [email protected]
Tennis - BOYS | Bob Young   [email protected]
Volleyball | Sarah Lindstrom [email protected]
*Alpine Ski Team I Kyle Moir  [email protected]
Basketball - BOYS | Todd Sander  [email protected]
Basketball - GIRLS | Shaun Dicken  [email protected]
Bowling | Elizabeth Bacigal  [email protected]
Competitive Cheer | Bailey Barnes  [email protected]
*Figure Skating I Sheri Combs  [email protected]
Gymnastics | Victoria Clay [email protected]
Hockey - BOYS | Ryan Ossenmacher  [email protected]
*Hockey - GIRLS I J. Lee  [email protected] 
Swimming - BOYS | Rich Bennetts  [email protected]
Diving - BOYS | Jennifer Amman  [email protected]
Wrestling | Derek Aluia [email protected]



Baseball | Dan Cimini [email protected] 
Golf - BOYS | Matt Lewicki  [email protected]
Lacrosse - BOYS | Connor Kehoe [email protected]
Lacrosse - GIRLS | Kayley Dahring [email protected]
*Rowing I Nick Bickes  [email protected]
Softball | Scott DeBoer  [email protected]
Soccer - GIRLS | Jeannine Reddy  [email protected]
Track and Field | Tim Dalton  [email protected]
Tennis - GIRLS | Brenda Lionas  [email protected]
*Volleyball - BOYS | Erin Morrisey [email protected]



* Club Sport