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NHS IB Program Overview

NHS DP Program Information and Updates

All current Northville High School sophomores (grade 10) interested in admission to International Baccalaureate Diploma Program will apply during the spring of their sophomore year, prior to the close of the general registration period. With this schedule in mind, for the spring of 2019, the following dates have been set aside for information and inquiry meetings:


Feb 20, 2019 - Introductory IB DP session at NHS (for parents/students to being the understanding process); this meeting will take place from 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. in the NHS Forum


Feb 22, 2019 - Student (current) to student (prospective) session during C day lunch in NHS Forum (starting at 11:00am)


Feb 28, 2019 - NHS IB DP Application Due date (committee plans to review apps early the following week)

Students who are interested in challenging themselves and working with others in order improve their college readiness will be the ideal candidates. This process is designed to be as accepting as possible: in order to make the best match in terms of student profile and expectations in the Diploma Program, students may be asked to show the following to be considered for the program:

  • commitments to the Diploma Program
  • understanding of their roles as global citizens
  • understanding of themselves as IB DP students
  • completed teacher-recommendation form
  • communication skills, if asked, to speak directly to the above

The teacher-recommendation form, included in the application, will ask teachers to discuss how this student matches the IB Learner profile, including an example of student-initiated inquiry and reflection. In addition, the following factors will be part of this determination process: attendance, assignment completion, participation in class, motivation, ability to work with others, leadership, maturity, discipline (i.e. work ethic), creativity, and reaction to criticism.
In advance of the February student and parent information and inquiry sessions, if any family or student would like to arrange a January meeting, please let me know as soon as possible to schedule these requests accordingly.
Please contact Dr. James Davis, NHS IB DP Coordinator, with your questions or to arrange a meeting -- parent, student, or both -- to discuss this program in more detail.

The IB program is a system that promotes preparation for college readiness, inquiry based learning and real world connections. All ninth and tenth graders will participate in MYP and eleventh and twelfth graders can enroll in single DP level courses or enroll for the full diploma status.

Some of the hallmarks of IB are international mindedness, community and service, the Learner Profile (LP), and unit design. Students and teachers are using the LP attributes when describing themselves, others, characters in books, etc. The attributes include such terms as: caring, risk-taker, thinker, communicator, reflective, knowledgeable, open minded, balanced, principled, and inquirer. Northville High School encourages parents to have a conversation with their students about some of these IB MYP terms and principles or stop in and ask staff.

MYP lessons begin with big, overarching questions that are timeless, relevant to students, and span (different subject areas). Examples of these questions are:

  • What are the consequences of technology? (Language A)
  • Where do social responsibilities begin and end? (Humanities)
  • How do I look after myself and others? (Arts)
  • What is “home sweet home”? (Language B)
  • What is meant by inequality? (Math)
  • How do little things make big differences? (Physical Education)
  • How does change happen? (Science)
  • How do written communications shape our lives? (Technology/Design Cycle)

These are MYP unit questions that students will remember, can successfully answer at their own level, and ones that use the content to teach a bigger idea.

Units culminate with IB MYP and DP assessment rubrics that challenge all students. These assessments go beyond tests and quizzes and involve the student in real-world connections. With these rubrics, students have the ability to continuously monitor their progress through their secondary years and across subjects, seeing their growth over time. The assessments use IB Command Terms to communicate the expectations.

IB Command Terms
IB MYP and DP students will become familiar with specific command terms used throughout their courses and programs. These instructional words will be common language for both students and teachers.  See the document below for more information.