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Tutoring/Study Skills


Student Tutor List

The Counseling Office maintains a student based tutor list, this list is in the Counseling Office lobby.  The Student Tutor List   contains students who tutor in specific subjects. Students/parents are responsible for  coordinating services and payment of   services rendered. Fees can range from $15 to $20 - fee is negotiated between tutor and client.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services Guide
(Compare Reviews for Tutoring Services created by Consumer Affairs)
Standardized tests and the college admissions process are making it increasingly important for students to ace their classes. Tutors can help students get better grades by helping them develop a mastery of course material. Different tutoring centers have different approaches, so parents and guardians can find the service that matches their students’ learning style. With this guide, you can:
  • Compare Brands
  • More features
  • Different types
  • Consumer profiles
  • Expert reviews

Study Skills 


ASPIRE Study System

  • This is a technique that students can use to acquire more beneficial study techniques.

Helpful Study Habits

  • 10 tips for becoming a more successful student.