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Early Middle College

Schoolcraft College – Earn a Degree, Graduate Early Program - SC Edge

The SC EDGE (Schoolcraft College – Earn a Degree, Graduate Early) program is a Michigan Department of Education five-year approved Early Middle College program. The program is an excellent opportunity to begin college classes while in high school.
Per, an Early Middle College is designed to allow a student to complete  both a high school diploma and one of the following additional credentials:
  • 60 transferable college credits
  • An associate degree
  • A professional certification
  • The Michigan Early Middle College Association (MEMCA) technical certificate, or
  • The right to participate in a registered apprenticeship
The SC EDGE program is primarily delivered online, and it combines the flexibility of online learning with a structured and facilitated format. Students complete work for their Schoolcraft classes as part of their Northville High School schedule. Classes are taught by Schoolcraft College faculty. A high school instructor is available for support and guidance during seminar or at the Online Learning Lab at Northville High School.  Students who choose to utilize the Lab can access high school support during the class period.
The Early Middle College classes are funded through the school district's local funding sources, providing participants with a very low cost option for a college degree or certificate. If there are any expenses that will not be covered as part of the SC EDGE program, students and families will be notified in advance by Northville High School.
The following academic options are available through SC EDGE
  • 10th Grade Entry Credential General Business Associate Degree Computer Information Systems, Programming Associate Degree Criminal Justice with Police Academy Associate Degree
  • 11th Grade Entry Credential General Business Certificate Computer Information Systems, Programming Certificate
To qualify, all students must be in good academic and behavioral standing at their school. A grade point average of 2.5 or above is preferred. Students must exhibit a level of self-discipline and maturity as assessed by the high school counselor and/or principal. Interested students must meet with their high school counselor to discuss their interest and program expectations. The application and additional information about the program is available at
The application deadline is May 1, 2023. If you and your student are interested in more information or would like to apply for next year’s cohort, please begin by speaking with your high school counselor. 
Please see the Michigan Transfer Agreement to learn more about what courses transfer to universities.