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NHS Senior Portrait Information

​Stackwood Studios is the "official" Northville High School senior portrait photographer. If you use Stackwood Studios for your yearbook headshot, they will submit the portrait for you and ensure that it meets all of the school’s specifications. Stackwood Studios is located in downtown Northville at 104 West Main Street. Sessions can be booked online or by phone/email. See the attached flyer from Stackwood for more information.  
Alternative #1: Choose a Different Photographer
If you use a photographer other than Stackwood, you will need to ensure your portrait complies with the school's specifications and submit by the deadline. Failure to do so will result in the school using the student's ID photo. Visit for specifications, deadlines, and to submit your portrait. 
Alternative #2: Choose to Use Student ID Photo
If you choose not to use a professional photographer and would instead like to use the school ID photo on file, you do not need to submit anything. We will pull your ID photo from MiStar and include it in the yearbook and class composite.
Questions? Visit for more information.