Northville Public Schools Students Shine at Regional Invention Convention

Northville Public Schools is delighted to share the remarkable success of its students at the recent Regional Invention Convention, marking a significant milestone in the district's commitment to fostering innovation and creativity. For the first time ever, elementary STEAM teachers incorporated the Invention Convention into their curriculum for 5th graders, inspiring them to unleash their creativity and submit projects for consideration.
Recently, 85 exceptional projects from our 5th graders were invited to compete at the Regional competition held at Wayne State University on April 6th. With enthusiasm and determination, students presented their inventions to judges, showcasing their ingenuity and problem-solving skills.
Out of the impressive array of projects, 17 were selected to advance to the State competition scheduled for May 4.
At the regional level, Northville High School's Engineering Design & Development classes also made their mark, with all 9 teams that entered qualifying for the State competition. The success of these students underscores the district's commitment to providing hands-on, real-world learning experiences that empower students to thrive in the fields of STEM and entrepreneurship.
Among the standout high school projects were the "AirAlign Project" by Nathan Ondrus, Phillip Zhavoronkov, and Ethan Wang, which claimed 1st place for its innovative pitch calibration system for turbines in chaotic wind environments. Vincent Filipek and Ashley Krahe's "Sump Sense Project" secured 2nd place with their sump pump monitoring system, while Ahmed Hussein and Prathik Nooguri's "Environmental Compost Sprinkler Irrigation Type System (ECoSprITS)" took 3rd place for its environmentally friendly design.
The fourth-place finish went to another Northville group, with their project "PufferSafe - Shipping Container Floatation and Location Rescue System," created by Thomas Hinshaw and Austin Barber, showcasing the breadth of innovative ideas emerging from Northville's classrooms.
As these exceptional students prepare to compete at the State Level and beyond, Northville Public Schools extends its utmost support and encouragement. Their dedication to innovation and problem-solving serves as an inspiration to us all, embodying the spirit of creativity and perseverance that defines Northville's educational community.
Stay tuned as Northville continues its journey towards the National competition in June, where these bright young minds could showcase their inventions on a national stage, shaping the future of innovation one idea at a time.
To learn more about the Invention Convention, visit Wayne State University's website.