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Final Experience Schedule

The daily schedules for January 22 to January 29 “looks” a little different. We will not have cumulative final exams for the 1st semester; but we will have final experiences. These final experiences will take place from January 22 to January 29. Final experiences may be a shorter assessment, a project, a paper, a lab, a speech, etc. (or a combination of some of these). These blocks/class periods may even feel the same as a regular day. Again, these final experiences will not be cumulative semester exams this semester. Your individual teachers will let you know what their/your final experience will consist of in each of your courses.
Note: January 26 - January 29 are half days
  • There will still be final exams in virtual courses that our “outside” of NHS (for example, if a student is doing a course through Michigan Virtual or Edgenuity)
  • All VHS final exams will be able to be taken from home this semester. Once you have reached
    your final exam, please send your mentor an email to have your final exam unlocked for you