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Student Parking

Parking will be sold on a first-come basis to Junior and Senior drivers, regardless of whether or not they possess a driver's license at the time of purchase in August. This will give those students who do not turn 16 until later in the school year a fair chance to obtain a permit. Although permits may be registered and paid for in August, the actual hangtag will not be released to the student until their 16th birthday, wherein they will provide a valid driver license to the office and receive their tag. Tags purchased under this circumstance will not be issued early, loaned to another driver, or be valid in any way until the original purchasing student shows a valid driver license.


There will be no specific east/main LOT assignments. It will be an open lot format, wherein any student registered to park may do so in either lot on any given day.

Change of Vehicles

Change of Vehicle Parking permits apply ONLY to cars registered with the main office. If you temporarily change vehicles, it is your responsibility to clearly display the permit in the replacement/temporary vehicle. This vehicle must also be registered to the student/parent of the registered student. You do not need to come into the office to report a temporary change. 

  • Temporary (Change of vehicle for 1-5 days): If driving an unregistered car for the day, you are responsible for moving your permit from the original vehicle. You do not need to report the change to the office in the morning, provided you have moved your tag.

  • Permanent (Change of vehicle for more than 5 days): Vehicle changes for more than 5 days are considered â€˜permanent’ and must be reported to the main office. When making a permanent change, you must complete the new vehicle registration form available in the office prior to driving the vehicle to school. 


If you have any questions or require clarification on any policy as it relates to parking, please feel free to contact Mrs. Knotts in the main office at (248) 344-3827.